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The company owning OLEFIT is BULERIA BODY TRAINING INTERNATIONAL TRAIDING, S.L., a company with registered address at calle Velázquez number 157, 1º C in Madrid (28002) with tax identification number B-87105383, and email address info@olefit.com telephone number 915 245 704.

BULERIA BODY TRAINING INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, S.L. agrees to comply with all applicable laws regarding the correct use and handling of personal data and with in-force legislation related to electronic commerce.


This Privacy Policy is applicable to information related to a person (`personal Data´) and information we collect regarding individuals who access our olefit.com page, including all our mobile applications or other products and services provided by Olefit via mobile phone, tablet, console or other device. `Non-personal´ data such as that used in this privacy policy are not applicable to one individual. When you communicate with us on our websites, we can also collect non-personal data. The limitations and requirements of this Privacy Policy regarding our collection, use, dissemination, transfer and storage/retention of personal Data are not applicable to non-personal data. Our main objective with regard to personal and non-personal data collection is to offer you more information on our physical-fitness programs as well as on our products and services.

We take the privacy of your personal data very seriously. For this reason, we have created the Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use your personal and non-personal data by means of a variety of digital media. Upon accessing or using our sites, you accept this Privacy Policy. The provisions of this Privacy Policy may be changed, modified, supplemented or withdrawn at any time. Your continued use of our products and services is covered by the privacy policy. This Privacy Policy is incorporated and subject to our https://olefit.com/es/terminos-y-condiciones/


You may visit and explore our websites without providing personal data except in the private instructors-area, which requires prior registration. However, this may limit your ability to receive certain features, products or services from us.

Information you provide to us: we are here to help you. This information may include but is not limited to your name, photo, gender, date of birth, height, weight, lifestyle, sleeping and eating habits, email, invoice address, postal address, invoicing information, telephone number, credit card number, credit card expiry date, sending address, user-name and password, user-name on social networks, calendar, GPS location, use-information (as defined below) and electronic-acceptance notifications authorized by you. Options with regard to the participation of third parties include, among others, third-party options.

Information collected automatically: we automatically receive and store certain types of information with respect to your communications and use of our products and services. For example, as is common practice, we use `cookies´ and similar technologies to obtain and determine certain information when your browser accesses the sites, including, in addition to other information, the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet, your email address, browser type and version, operative system and platform. We automatically receive the location of our mobile-services users when they use our service. We can also receive other information from your mobile phone, such as a device identifier. A device identifier is a small data-file stored in or associated with your mobile device, which uniquely identifies it. A device identifier may be information stored in connection with the device’s hardware, data stored in connection with the device’s operational system or other software, or data we send to the device. We or our external-services providers can also use a variety of technologies that passively or automatically collect information on how Sites are accessed and used (`Use information´), including the type of browser, device, operative system, application version, the pages we provide to you, the pages you access, browsing hours, prior visits to the page and your use of Website functions and applications. This statistical data helps us to understand what is interesting and relevant for Website users so that we can better adapt our content. We may also use web beacons or pixel tags, which are transparent graphic images placed on the web page or in an email, and indicate that a page or email has been visited or instruct your browser to obtain content from another server.

Information about you provided by a third party: we may receive information about you from third parties that includes our programs, products, services or promotional offers, if you choose to receive information from us. You can also choose to participate in a third-party application or in a social-network website which enables us to collect (or enables a third party to share) information about you, including use-information and certain personal and/or non-personal data.

We may also receive information about you from outside records of third parties, such as marketing or demographic information, in order to improve our ability to adapt our contents, products and services, so as to maintain your interest. We may supplement the information we collect about you from the websites with the above third-party information in order to improve our capacity to assist you, adapt our content and/or offer you opportunities to purchase products or services that could be of interest to you. If we combine this data with the information we collect from the websites, this information is subject to this Privacy Policy unless we have otherwise stipulated.

Children’s privacy: we do not knowingly collect personal data about children under the age of thirteen (13). If you are under the age of thirteen (13), do not send personal data by means of the websites. We encourage parents and legal guardians to monitor their children’s use of the Internet and to help us to enforce our Privacy Policy by teaching your children not to provide personal data through websites without your permission. If you have reason to believe that a child under 13 has provided us with personal data through the websites, send us an email to info@olefit.com and we will remove this information from our records.


Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that we transfer to your computer’s hard drive by means of your web browser in order to enable our systems to recognize your browser and offer features for use of our services. Cookies enable you to take maximum advantage of some of the functions of our services and websites, and we recommend that you leave them activated.


Cookies come in different types and our services can be used in these types. Broadly speaking, we use one or more of the following types of cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies : These cookies are essential for browsing the sties and using their functions. Without these cookies, services such as the shopping cart cannot be offered.

Performance cookies : these cookies collect information about how you use the websites and other services we offer, for example, what web pages you visit. This information can be used to help optimize our services and websites and to facilitate browsing. These cookies can also be used to inform our affiliates if you entered the website of an affiliate and if your visit resulted in the use or purchase of a product or service on our part, including information about the acquired product or service. These cookies do not collect information that could be used to identify you. All of the information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

Functionality cookies : These cookies enable us to record the choices you make while browsing. For example, we can store your geographical location in a cookie in order to guarantee that we show you sites localized for your area. They can also be used to monitor highlighted products or already-seen videos in order to avoid their repetition. The information collected by these cookies shall not identify you personally and these cookies cannot track your browsing activity on third-party websites.

Segmentation cookies : these cookies are used to deliver advertising of increased relevance to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times that you see an advertisement and to help measure the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Generally they are placed by ad networks with our permission. They remember that you have visited a website, and this information is shared with other organizations such as advertisers. Quite frequently, orientation or advertising cookies are connected to the functionality of the site provided by the other organization.


The `help´section of the tool bar in the case of most browsers will show you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to make the browser notify you when a new cookie is received or how to completely disable cookies. You can obtain more information about how your browser manages cookies by clicking on the following links:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Adobe (Flash Cookies)


Unless otherwise stated in this Privacy Policy, we shall not provide any of your personal data to third parties without your specified consent. We can share non-personal data such as aggregated user statistics, use-information and demographic information with third parties.

The personal data we collect when you create a profile at websites shall be used for purposes of identification and authentication for all of our services, so that you will be able to use the same account details to initiate a session from any location or device. The initiation of a single global session will enable our systems to identify you anywhere around the world, which means that you will not have to re-register with us if you are accessing our systems from a different country. We need to process your personal data in this manner in order to execute a contract between you and Olefit.

In addition, we create a profile for you with the information needed to provide you with our products and services. The personal data we collect from the other sources enumerated above shall be used in the format in which it is received, or, when warranted, shall be combined with the personal data we obtain from other internal or external sources. We use and analyze this personal data when necessary for the purposes enumerated below:

  1. Registration in an Olefit® training course: we use relevant personal data (including your name, email address and payment details) in relation to your registration in a training course taught by Olefit® instructors, to notify you about the status of the training course and any other details related thereto. We need to process your personal data in this manner in order to execute a contract between you and Olefit.
  2. Become a Licensed Olefit® Instructor: On becoming a Licensed Olefit® Instructor (including when you join our network of Olefit instructors, we use your personal data to communicate with you from time to time via email, ordinary mail, text message, telephone and/or other electronic means about your license(s)), the status of your license(s) and your benefits as a license holder. These communications include transactional communications related to your license and/or products or services that you may purchase; offers, promotions and discounts available to you as holder or prior holder of a license; and information, offers, promotions, and discounts in relation to our products, services and events. We need to process your personal data in this manner in order to execute a contract between you and Olefit.
  3. Processing of your order for products/ services through our websites: we use relevant personal data (including your name, email address and payment details) in order to process and deliver your order and to notify you about the status of your order. We need to process your personal data in this manner in order to execute a contract between you and Olefit.
  4. Improvement of our products, programs and services: We will use your personal data to create a profile about you in order to understand how you use our products, programs and services, in order to develop more interesting and relevant products, programs and services, to improve our Websites and in order to personalize the products, programs and services we offer you. We process your personal data in this manner because it furthers our legitimate interest in providing the best products and services to you and our other customers.
  5. In order to provide assistance to the customer: If you contact our Customer Service (or vice-versa), we shall use the personal data to process your request and offer you the best possible service. We shall process your personal data in this manner if necessary in order to execute the contract between you and Olefit or in the event that it is required to comply with any legal obligation. If it is not necessary to process your personal data for any of the above reasons, we will process it as deemed necessary for the furtherance of our legitimate interest in guaranteeing that we can provide you with the best possible service.
  6. The performance of the analysis: we shall use the personal data we have about you (as well as the pseudonym or anonymous information generated from your personal data) in order to carry out analysis and research. We perform all of this analysis and research because it is necessary based on our legitimate interest in understanding our customers and guaranteeing that are products, programs and services satisfy the needs of our customers and licensees. We do this in order to (i) learn more about our customers, licensees and their preferences; (ii) identify patterns and tendencies among our customers and licensees; (iii) improve the experience of the user at our Sites; (iv) provide information, content and offers adapted to the necessities of our customers and licensees; (v) for general research and statistical objectives; (vi) develop new products, programs and services; (Vii) monitor the performance of our products, programs and services and/or improve our technology; (viii) be able to send you personalized marketing messages; and (ix) show you on-line advertising.
  7. Analyzing Our Business: we use your Personal Data (including anonymous and other aggregated data) for purposes of sales, supply chain, anti-fraud and financial analysis, to determine how we are operating and what areas we can improve in, and when necessary for financial reports. This is necessary to further our legitimate interests in understanding how our business is operating in order to improve our commercial performance.

Share Information  (ii) in order to further our business activity, including with third parties involved in the processing of credit cards, delivery, data management, email distribution, market studies, information analysis and promotions management; (iii) with regard to demand, to guarantee security and the security of our policies, in the protection of rights, protection of security and rights, and in the protection of property (iv) prevention of use by third parties; (v) we share information with companies that assists us in fraud protection and investigation; and (vi) with a third party as part of our commercial assets in the case of a portion of our company.

Share Information: on web sites, you can choose to receive information and/or marketing offers from another person, or accept the sharing of your information with third parties, including on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. If you accept the sharing of your personal information with third parties, it will be disclosed to the third party in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the commercial practices of the third party. You can also choose to share certain personal data on websites, including but not limited to your activities on other platforms including social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Read the Privacy Policies of all of these third-party websites. We reserve the right to use all publicly shared personal information for promotional objectives.

We may send you carefully selected offers from other companies. When we do so, we do not provide such companies with your name and address. If you prefer not to receive such offers, indicate that you have chosen not to receive such notifications in your user profile. In addition to what has been set out above, you will receive a warning when information about you may be sent to third parties and will have the opportunity to choose not to share this information.


We may cooperate with third-party service providers to publish advertisements in our name on the websites of unaffiliated third parties. Some of these advertisements may be personalized, meaning that they are intended to be of relevance to you, based on information that either we or the on-line advertising network have published about your on-line activities. For example, the anonymous information collected from various websites you have visited may over time enable the advertising network to predict your preferences and to show you advertisements that will probably be of interest to you. Bear in mind that we do not share any information that would reveal your identity with external-services providers who publish advertisements in our name.
In order to opt out of this type of advertisement, visit the Network Advertising Initiative in order to obtain information about how members can reject interest-based advertising. Consult http://www.networkadvertising.org to obtain general information about NAI and http://www.networkadvertising.org/managing/opt_out.asp for the opt-out page. You can also visit http://www.aboutads.info/consumers/ to obtain information about on-line behavioral advertising and to opt out of on-line behavior notifications offered by some or all of the participating companies. Bear in mind that if you opt out of this type of advertisement, you may still see our advertisements on other websites, but the advertisements will not be adapted to third-party monitoring technologies associated with our sites.


When you provide us with your mobile phone number, you expressly accept that we can send you text messages (including SMS) to that telephone number. You also accept payment of the charges in your wireless-services invoice or arrange for their deduction from your prepaid balance for this service. You declare that you are over the age of thirteen and have the consent of the owner of the wireless account. We will send you up to ten messages per month. Message and data fees will be charged.

Send a text message with the word DETÉNGASE [STOP] in the corresponding code at any time in order to cancel and send a text message with the word AYUDA [HELP] in order to obtain assistance. Accept the receipt of a final text message confirming your voluntary opting out. Consent is not required as a condition for the purchase of goods and services. You agree to notify us of any change in your phone number and to keep us up to date regarding your information. Your provider may prohibit or restrict certain mobile functions, and certain mobile functions may be incompatible with your provider or mobile device. Contact your operator regarding questions related to these problems.

We reserve the right to modify these mobile Messaging Terms by means of the publication of new versions on this website as well as the right to send you additional notification regarding important changes. Your continued use of the mobile messaging service after these changes constitutes your acceptance of these changes.


We can store personal data, or this information can be stored by third parties to whom we have transferred this information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We take what we believe to be appropriate measures to protect personal data we collect from loss, improper or unauthorized use or access, inadvertent disclosure, alteration and destruction. However, no network transmission, server, database, Internet or email is completely secure and error free. Therefore, you must be particularly careful regarding what information you send us electronically. Bear this in mind when you disclose personal data.


You may request that we not share your personal data with third parties, that we not use your personal data to provide information or offers, or that we not send you communications: (i) contact us at info@olefit.com; or (iii) follow the instructions for elimination in the message you receive. Bear in mind that if you are an authorized Olefit® instructor or if you have purchased certain products and services from us on the websites, we must be able to communicate with you about your license, your status, your benefits as a licensee and about any purchase you have made on our websites.

You have the right to request access to the personal data we have about you. You can do so by communicating with us at info@olefit.com. In order to complete your request, we may request that you verify your identity. If you wish to modify, verify, correct or update any of your personal data collected through our websites, you may contact us at info@olefit.com. IF YOU AT ANY TIME WANT US TO ELIMINATE PERSONAL DATA ABOUT YOU, YOU CAN CONTACT US AT info@olefit.com. Bear in mind that if you a licensed Olefit® instructor and request the elimination of your personal data, we shall be obliged to do so. Your license and you will then not be able to give Olefit® classes.

In accordance with our routine maintenance of our records, we can eliminate certain records containing personal data that you have sent through websites. We are under no obligation to store this personal data indefinitely and to deny any liability arising from the destruction of this personal data or that is related to this destruction.


If you visit websites from outside of the EU, bear in mind that you are sending information (including personal data) to the EU where our servers are located. That information may then be transmitted within the EU or return from the United States to other countries other than your country of residence, depending on the type of information and how we store it. These countries (including the EU) may not necessarily have data protection laws as comprehensive or protective as those of your country of residence; nevertheless, our collection, storage and use of your personal data shall be governed at all times by this Privacy Policy.


We do not track our customers over time, which includes not doing so by means of third-party websites in order to provide interest-based advertising, and, therefore, do not respond to DO-NOT-TRACK (DNT) settings. Nevertheless, some third-party websites monitor your browsing activities when they are served content, which enables them to adapt what they display. Visitors to Safari 5.1+, Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 5+ and Chrome allow you to configure the DNT setting in their browser so that third parties (particularly advertisers) will know that you do not want to be tracked.


If you click on links and/or banners that take you to third-party websites, you shall be bound by third-party privacy policies. We recommend that you read and understand the privacy policies of these websites since their practices may differ from ours.


We adopt reasonable measures, including the use of encryption technology, in order to protect your personal data. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that electronic-data transmission or information storage will be 100% safe. Bear in mind that we can neither ensure nor guarantee the security of the information that you transmit to us. It is important that you protect yourself from unauthorized access to your password, other personal information and your computer. Make sure that you close your session when you finish using a shared computer.


If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, send us an email to info@olefit.com