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Although Olefit is a discipline created in the United States, it possesses, in its base and matrix, the culture that molded and inspired most if its creators: the Mediterranean culture.

 Olefit was originated based on some basic elements of Spanish dance and flamenco. Inspired by these two arts as a form of communication and corporal expression, and by fundamental bio-mechanical principles in the practice of the movements. The formal integration of all of this, in combination with essential fitness aspects and techniques, has evolved into what we are today: A fun, effective, and cathartic fitness discipline, capable not only of improving the physical fitness of participants, but also their emotional state, as it promotes and elicits a positive release of emotions. And more importantly, it’s accessible to everyone.


From their brilliant and extensive careers in the world of Spanish Dance and Flamenco, our World Master Instructors represent the highest level of technical and training knowledge in our discipline. They are:

Paloma Gómez, founder of Olefit.
Dancer and choreographer. At only sixteen, she was already a member of the Spanish National Ballet, and has been a prima ballerina at some of the most important Spanish Dance companies. She currently collaborates as a soloist and choreographer with some of the most relevant Spanish Dance companies and teaching institutes, both nationally and internationally. She has also been conducting truly important teaching opportunities in our country and throughout the world.
Cristian Lozano.
A ballerino for years with the Spanish National Ballet and integrated in some of the most important Spanish Dance companies. He currently balances his work as a soloist performer and his collaborations with different companies and first-rate artists within our country and abroad, and, on occasion, also, works as a choreographer. In addition to this, he teaches master classes and workshops on Spanish Dance and Flamenco around the world.


At Olefit, we consider everyday life to be interesting which is why we work hard to break away from the mundane, developing and training the best professionals to face things from a leisurely perspective while still taking care of our bodies.

Its main objective lies in developing a new way of understanding fitness, perceiving it as a channel to release energy that will lead us directly into physical and mental wellbeing.

All of this is possible thanks to the small details tended to by everything surrounding the discipline. For example, sticking to a Mediterranean-based diet, recognized as the most complete, healthy and balanced diet, in addition to maintaining a quiet and relaxed way of life.