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What is Olefit?

Olefit is a fitness discipline based on Spanish dance/flamenco, mainly rumba and bulería, and created so that those who practice it can enjoy and have fun while improving their muscle tone and coordination, burn a good amount of calories and obtain mental and emotional health benefits.

What are the necessary requirements for becoming an Olefit instructor?

To be formally trained as a fitness instructor and it is recommended to have some background in dance, although not mandatory, except for the Premium category.

Why become an instructor?

Because as it is a new, unique and disruptive discipline, there will be an increasing demand for instructors within the field.

What do I need to become an Olefit instructor?

Fill out a questionnaire, and if you meet the previous requirements, make an online payment and pass an exam, which are described in the instructors section on this website.

How can I give my opinion on the program’s latest choreography?

We will set up a blog for this shortly. In the meantime, you can send your comments to info@olefit.com

Where can I buy clothing and footwear from the Olefit collection?

Through our website or in centers that offer this discipline.

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