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How to offer Olefit?

Email us at info@olefit.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’ve moved and the clubs in my area don’t offer Olefit. How can I get my club to join the Olefit program?

Encourage them to try a pilot class, with no further obligation, and we’ll gladly organize it to convince them that Olefit can bring in business in no time.

How much does it cost?

The standard price for a group fitness class. For the Premium version of Olefit, with double-profile instructors: fitness + dance instructor, the cost is a little higher but not significant.

Do I need any special equipment to teach Olefit in my club?

It’s not really necessary, aside from having a good sound system, as music is the basis of the discipline.

How can my instructors get certified?

Through this website, we describe the certification process in the instructors section.
They must pass an exam.

I don’t currently have any Olefit instructors, how and where can I find any?

We can provide candidates or train your own instructors.

How can the Olefit program help me attract new members?

Being a novel and distinct discipline, it draws people’s attention. Furthermore, we could offer a masterclass, under no obligation, for interested members to personally experience and enjoy this discipline.

How can Olefit help me maintain members / improve customer loyalty?

Olefit has 3 levels and annually produces an extensive catalog of its own music. Your members will never get bored. This discipline is constantly evolving.
The discipline itself is addictive and fosters loyalty.

We are not a fitness club but are interested in offering Olefit in our facilities. Is this possible?

Yes, it’s not only possible but recommended. In this case we call them boutiques and we recommend the Premium version of Olefit.
The instructors are trained by us and we demand that they have a background in dance and fitness

How is Olefit Premium different from Olefit and what is the selection criteria for including it in my club?

Olefit is the generic discipline and has two levels.
For Olefit Premium it is recommended for fitness boutiques or fitness centers in prime areas, which have a greater than average, purchasing power. The classes are more expensive but the instructor has a double profile of fitness + dance, which makes the class a unique experience.

Do our members need to know how to dance flamenco?

No, not at all. It is not necessary for basic Olefit. Attendees exercise and enjoy the rhythm as a personal experience, with no taboos.
Attendees of Olefit Premium are usually more demanding and sophisticated.

Many of them have dancing experience as aficionados of flamenco and its derivatives.
However, it isn’t a requirement either. This is not a dance class, it is a fitness exercise based on Spanish dance.

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